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About the Data Summit

The Government of Ireland and the Government Data Forum are delighted to announce the Data Summit Dublin 2018 will be held on 19 September 2018 in Croke Park, Dublin.

The Data Summit Dublin provides a unique opportunity to hear leading international, European and Irish speakers debate the social, technical, ethical and cultural issues that arise in the context of our world of total connectivity. The event will explore some of the key issues around the role of data in an increasingly connected and digitised world such as the implications for regulation and privacy.

Attendance is by invitation only and is limited.

Join us for keynote speeches on the European Dimension of the Digital Economy by Mariya Gabriel, the EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence & its Societal Implications by Julie Brill of Microsoft These will be followed by panels further exploring the topics, including:
• Innovation and Regulation Online – Striking the Right Balance
• More Data, Better Government
• Law Enforcement & Access to Data
• Reshaping Industry through Data
• The future of Artificial Intelligence
• Cyber-Security – Opportunities and Risks to Nation-States
• Skills for a Digital World
• Using Data for Better Health Outcomes
• GDPR as the new international standard

Digital technologies offer enormous potential for every aspect of our society and economy. They are already at the heart of how we go about our daily lives and we are all generating and using ever-greater volumes of data. By bringing together a wide range of speakers and attendees from enterprise, civil society, public bodies, academia and the public, the Data Summit will stimulate a discussion on data and digital technologies in modern society.

The time is right for this discussion and as the Digital Capital of Europe; Ireland is the right place for this discussion to happen.

We look forward to seeing you there!