Mark Little

Data Summit Chair

Mark Little is the founder of Storyful, the world’s first social media news agency. He leads a team of journalists and technologists who discover and verify the most compelling content on platforms like YouTube and Twitter. His company works with the biggest news organizations and social networks in the world, including YouTube, ABC News and the New York Times.

Mark has more than two decades of experience in journalism. He was an award-winning foreign correspondent for the Irish national TV station RTE. He also presented the network’s top-rated current affairs programme, Prime Time, and was its first Washington correspondent. He has covered some of the biggest stories of our age, including the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the election of Barack Obama.

He has also written and presented documentary series about the changing face of American society and the global rise of Islam. He has written three books about world affairs including the number one bestseller ‘Turn Left at Greenland’.

Mark founded and financed Storyful in the midst of economic crisis. In the space of three years, he has built a successful business with 30 employees in Asia, Europe and the United States. Storyful works closely with some of the most illustrious news organizations, helping them adapt and change in the face of the social media revolution. Mark has spoken at events all over the world about innovation, entrepreneurship and the opportunities of the digital age.