Marie-Charlotte Roques-Bonnet

Data Protection and Digital Fundamental Rights Expert, Microsoft

Marie-Charlotte Roques-Bonnet is a data protection and digital fundamental rights’ expert. She completed a Ph.D. in Public Communication Law on The Constitution and the Internet & updated a public version of those academic researches in 2010 (« Can the Law ignore digital revolution? »).

Before joining Microsoft as Director of EMEA Privacy Policy in 2014, she’s been teaching public law and digital communications (2002-2008) -and was granted the first Law Excellent Award attributed by the French DPA (CNIL). In 2010, she joined the CNIL as a legal IT expert. In 2013, she participated to Article 29 Working Party Technology Subgroup work on cloud computing and mobile devices regulation and was nominated by EU Commission in personal capacity as a data protection expert. She released in 2016, 72 open-source Youtube videos on the GDPR (“EU Privacy for all”