Marianne Checkley

CEO, iScoil

Marianne has led the set up and development of iScoil from the very first days as a small research project. It emerged from her passionate belief in the power of education to break down barriers. After graduating from university she travelled overseas and gained insight into the limiting impact that educational disadvantage can have on lives and communities. Returning to Ireland she set to work with national youth development agencies developing and trialling a range of creative responses to engage young people in learning and reconnect them with achievement and opportunity.

Realising the potential of technology to support a flexible and engaging learning experience led to a new multi-disciplinary model for inclusive learning. The model has evolved through iScoil and she believes that this evolution should never stop and should continue to innovate and absorb the pace and positivity of emerging technologies.

Combining the drive to develop creative solutions that have a deep impact on social equality with a love of learning Marianne has contributed to research of innovative, technology enhanced learning and teaching initiatives. Most recently iScoil has been recognised as an exemplar of innovation in education by European research programme VISCED and has received recognition as a Nominet Top 100 International Tech-For-Good project and a Social Innovation Fund Ireland THINKTECH award.