Jonathan McCrea

TV and radio broadcaster and founder of Whipsmart Media

Jonathan McCrea is a TV and radio broadcaster and founder of Whipsmart Media, a communications consultancy based in Dublin that serves the science, medical and technology industries. He is the founder of science communications conference SCI:COM and a highly regarded keynote speaker on future technologies and communication strategies.

With 13 years of experience in broadcasting and journalism, Jonathan is also the creator of “Futureproof”, Newstalk’s flagship science programme that has won 7 national radio awards in the 7 years it has been on air. In 2016 he created a 6 part travel science series ‘The Great Guide to The Future’ that airs on TV3 in July. He presents “Ten Things To Know About”, the critically acclaimed 6-part TV series for RTE that showcases Irish research and previously TV3’s big-budget studio quiz show “The Lie” that aired in 2014/5.