Gordon Campbell

Earth Observation Engineer, European Space Agency

Gordon Campbell has been working for ESA since 1999 on defining and implementing actions to expand the uptake and use of Satellite Earth Observation data. This involved working on a range of public sector domains including environment, natural resources, law enforcement/ security and transport.

Gordon Campbell is also working to expand the use of satellite derived information in the International Development context in partnership with entities such as World Bank, Global Environment Facility and Inter-American Development Bank.

Examples include management of natural resources (eg fisheries surveillance, management of mining activities) and putting in place more efficient sustainable development approaches (eg planning and monitoring impacts of development projects on critical habitats and ecosystems).

At the same time, he is working to effectively exploit new ICT developments (such as state of the art cloud based high performance computing capabilities with very large EO datasets) to effect a step change in the impact of using satellite derived information in Earth science and public policy support. Finally, Gordon has been working with countries as the join ESA to elaborate appropriate strategies for developing their national satellite Earth Observation capabilities, defining how these strategies fit with other national policies (eg environment, security, high technology development) and how to work within ESA Earth Observation programmes to complement other regional and international cooperation activities.