Christina Demetriades

Deputy General Counsel, Accenture

Christina is the Deputy General Counsel at Accenture, responsible for the sales and delivery of Accenture’s client engagements globally to support sustainable revenue growth.  Christina is a member of Accenture’s Global Leadership Council.  Since joining Accenture in 2013, Christina’s personal focus has been to create enabling legal and compliance structures to allow Accenture’s inventors navigate unchartered (and often times unregulated) areas in emerging technologies such as AI, quantum computing, blockchain and AR/VR.  For example, Christina was a founding member of Accenture’s Digital leadership team in 2014, applying her commercial and legal expertise to incubate Digital’s inception and launch.  Prior to joining Accenture, Christina was the group practice lead for the IT/Comms practice at the global law firm of Baker & McKenzie LLP in London.